Sync Inventory.

PossumSync synchronizes product quantity across, and, keeping life perfectly balanced.

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Universal inventory

Sync quantity for Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee listings. All other attributes, (e.g. description, price), are not touched.


One Click Set Up

For sellers who use the same product code across all listings, linking your entire inventory is just one click away.


Easy Set Up

Possum is able to identify identical listings based on name, images and prices to speed up linking.


Affordable pricing for sellers of every size.



We’ll help you sync 10 listings free. Forever.



It’s $10 / month to sync up to 100 listings.



If you have more than 100 listings, it's just 10¢ per listing.

Frequently asked questions.

You can register an account and try for free, but here are a few answers to common questions.

I want 8 listings to share the same inventory, possible?

Yes, we’ll sync the 8 listings and bill you for 8 credits to keep the 8 listings’ inventory in sync.

We’ll flag the listing.
You’ll need to unlink, otherwise, we’ll continue to constantly check listing status and bill you at the same rate of 1 credit per month per listing. Servers cost money!

The first 10 syncs on your account are free.
For 1 to 14 days of sync, we charge half credit per listing. Beyond 14 days, we charge at the full rate of 1 credit.